• 22.06.2022

The weight loss programs below were chosen based on the following criteria: Nutritional quality. Weight loss programs are nutritionally balanced and designed to meet nutritional needs.Sustainability. Weight loss programs are not overly restrictive, are e...


  • 21.06.2022

Workout A: Squat: 3 sets x 5 repsOverhead Press: 3 sets x 5 repsDeadlift: 1 set x 5 repsWorkout B: Squat: 3 sets x 5 repsBench Press: 3 sets x 5 repsDeadlift: 1 set x 5 reps Weight Load: Starting Strength doesn’t calculate 1RM. To find your worki...


  • 22.06.2022

This at-home routine, as we lay out in our Beginner Bodyweight Workout article, is as follows: Bodyweight squats: 20 repsPush-ups: 10 repsWalking lunges: 10 each legDumbbell rows (using a gallon milk jug or another weight): 10 each arm.Plank: 15 secondsJ...

Do not get Dhydration

  • 22.06.2022

If you want to lose weight with the fitness nutrition program in question, drinking plenty of water is a must!With the consumption of water, which regulates both pre- and post-exercise nutrition, you can also eliminate the problem of excessive appetite ...

Don't Skip Main Meals

  • 22.06.2022

Finding the right nutrition for fitness is just as important as fitness is for a fit body.Skipping meals, which is among the mistakes frequently made by those who say they want to lose weight by doing sports or have a tight body, is a wrong choice for t...

Avoid Sugary Foods

  • 22.06.2022

Perhaps the most challenging point of doing sports and getting a tight body is among the options that will lead to the fastest results when applied correctly.Frequent consumption of processed, additives or high-sugar foods can disrupt the body's nutriti...

Don't Forget Breakfast

  • 22.06.2022

Breakfast, which is described as the most important meal of the day, is extremely important for those who aim for a healthy life.Nutritious and satisfying breakfast tables that meet protein needs help body development, while at the same time, it also be...

Say Goodbye to Fatty Foods

  • 22.06.2022

The most important element of muscle development is the body's ability to meet the nutrients it needs in sufficient quantities. Therefore, before starting a fitness program, we recommend that you learn which foods will be more beneficial for your body.O...

No Night Escapes

  • 22.06.2022

Aside from the sweet cravings, the long breakfast tables or the pastries, if you often experience the feeling of hunger at night, it means that danger alarms have started to sound for your body!If you are skipping your meals due to intense work schedule...

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